Pitching Phases

We believe these 8 phases, if properly executed, will help enable a pitcher to develop an efficient and effective delivery.




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Dr. Tom House

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"Kevin l pitching coach.  He has competed at all levels of professional baseball in both the United States and Japan.  He is an RDRBI/NPA Certified Pitching Coach and Conditioning Coach.  Most importantly, he is passionate about the game, combining his on-the-field experience with research based information, instruction and inspiration to mentor young pitchers with baseball skills, as well as, life skills.  This combination of personal and professional assets make Kevin unique.  If my son was a pitcher, he'd be taking lessons from Coach Beirne."

Tom House
Tom Housee
Ex-Pitching Coach for Texas Rangers
where he worked with hall of Famer Nolan Ryan,
current Pitching coach of USC

Kevin Beirne - Pitching Instructor

Pitching Instructor in The Woodlands, TX.

My mission as a pitching instructor is to educate and train athletes as well as their parents and coaches. I'm dedicated to creating a positive environment in which every athlete can reach their fullest potential. My goal is to educate athletes on mechanics, functional fitness, mental emotional training and preparing them to compete while avoiding injury. I'm dedicated to finding the latest cutting edge research on pitching. I work on a regular basis with world renown pitching coach, Tom House Tom has studied numerous pitchers over the years, at all skill levels, using the latest in modern technology, and has identified 8 phases as key points of a pitching motion.

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HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel

Inspiring Pitcher's Story

The show goes on to talk about the Velocity Training

received from Tom House & RDRBI

This is the same Velocity Training I teach you!

Velocity Training Minimizing Injury

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Join Major League Pitchers Kevin Beirne &  Dr. Tom House
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2009 Certified Coach


What Others Are Saying

"Kevin Beirne pitched for my team, the Kintetsu Buffaloes, in Japan. I found him to be a very tough pitcher. His ability, combined with his courage, made him very formidable when he took the mound."

"I recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn how to pitch. He has all of the abilities necessary to help young pitchers get better and teach them how to win."

Tom House
Hall Of Fame Manager
Tommy Lasorda